Friday, September 28, 2012

good to be back

I am back home after theree amazing weeks spent travelling in Mongolia. I wish I could write something more and post some sketches from there but I am still in the process of readjusting to normal life and it is taking a bit longer than it should. For the moment I feel like the inside of my head is a bit like on the photo above. I am happy and full of new ideas but somehow I am just too tired  to do anything. I will give myself another week and see what happens.

I posted some photos from Mongolia to my tumblr and will be posting some more soon.

Otherwise new exciting things are happening. I am back to Edinburgh College of Art as an Artist in Residence which is great fun already.  I am particularly excited about my new studio space which I share with very talented and very inspiring people!
There is also some good news regarding the guy from the previous post. I'll post more details soon!