Tuesday, February 22, 2011

if: layers

Illustration friday: layers
I drew the badger because my mum asked me to. Badgers are cool. The spring hasn't come yet so he is wearing lots of layers.And I think he is missing a train.

Friday, February 18, 2011

magic pencil

I love pencils. I collect them. Every time I travel somewhere and visit a museum or a gallery I go to the gift shop and buy the cheapest and most basic pencil souvenir (or I ask friend to bring me some if they go somewhere exciting). I am always very disappointed if a museum does not have pencils or if they sell them for 5 euro each (like in Hagia Sophia in Istambul). And then when I draw with them I think about places I visited and people I met and I am more than sure that it affects my drawings. So I would pick up the edinburgh book festival pencil to draw my picture books, cartoon museum one if I want my drawing to be more comic style etc. I even have one with a citation from Tracy Emin but I have never used it. I am going to save it until I am fed up with my cute animals and I want to draw something very ugly.

Spent all day drawing killer plants and really enjoyed it!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

if: sweater

illustration friday: sweater
Another quick sketch. A weasel this time.
It was two years ago. We noticed that dried fruit and nuts are mysteriously dissapearing from the jar we kept muesli in. It was supposed to be a fancy tropical muesli with plenty of exotic fruit and nuts but for some strange reasons there would be only not very exotic oats and bran flakes left in the jar. Somebody was stealing the fruit!
And I had to come up with that weasel story to clear myself from any suspicion.

Friday, February 11, 2011

a very engaging book

Another quick sketch from ages ago.
I have been busy furnishing flat for cat and dog recently, which is rather fun. I've got four double spreads to finish the dummy book and start producing final artwork. It is a little bit of a challenge as I try to be as playful as possible with colours, textures and techniques. A completely new area of exploration...
Yesterday I spent a very productive morning in my favourite continental cafe in stockbridge (they have very good cafe au lait and there is a marzipan soap in the bathroom!). I was teaching a dog to play golf. He was doing very well. Especially that I have no idea how to play golf.

The good news is that the spring is coming!!!

Friday, February 04, 2011


A sketch I made ages ago and I've never finished it. For some reasons I am too scared to put the colour on. Anyhow, Haymarket station, 6am on a weekday. My favourite destination.

I finally finished Bear the Photographer and he is now available in my Etsy shop. Unfortunately, the cutest camera in the world the bear is taking pictures with has been sold.