Monday, April 01, 2013

Kasia and Kate volunteer in Ghana

Kasia and Kate volunteer in Ghana

Exciting news!!! In August later this year my friend Kate and I will be going to Ghana to volunteer with the charity Akosia. We will be working on a filmmaking project with children who attend The Street Academy in Accra.
The project is pretty amazing and the aim is to give the children an opportunity to work on a creative project that will give them the chance to learn new, tangible and useful skills, as well as to develop their self-expression and self-confidence through creativity.

Over the next few months we will be fundraising to cover the costs flights and medical expenses to allow us travel to Ghana and contribute to this amazing cause.
We will be selling our artwork, organising online auctions and Kate will run the Edinburgh half marathon. 
Here is our blog that we set up to post regular updates on our fundraising activities and to write about our experiences when we are actually out in Ghana working on the project.

We also have our fundraising profile here for those who wish to make a donation. There are some lovely rewards waiting for our backers!

I will keep you posted.

happy easter!

happy easter