Friday, November 19, 2010

a break and new friends

blair atholl
chickens ii
chickens i
We went for a very nice day trip to Blair Atholl, Pitlochry and Dunkeld. The weather was just fantastic, the views spectacular and I think I made new friends there! Not sure what they were after but they suddenly appeared running like crazy towards me and then pecking at my legs and when I told them it hurts they started pecking my boots. They would stop from time to time and look at me and then pecked again. Perhaps they read my Fox and Chicken book before and wanted to express they appreciation!

The break from illustration seems to be going very well. Kate came over last week with a huge bag and brought Gertruda, the most helpful and ergonomic sewing machine in the universe! Thank you! And new Harris Tweed mice were born - Heather, Alpin and Sheena.

Sunday, November 14, 2010


I think I am tired. Everything I touch turns into dust and the things are generally going the opposite direction I would like them to. This is the sign I need to take a break from everything and go on holiday. I love travelling, being on the move, train, bus, plane, boat, this is when I come up with the best ideas and this is when I produce my best pictures (somewhere between the check-in and departure gate). So I decided no more drawing before I go on holiday. The hedgehog is my latest attempt. Not sure what this guy is thinking about...perhaps he is considering going for a trip too.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

drawing trip

watercolour made with left hand
blue milk
We had a very pleasant drawing trip last Friday. It was not as much of a trip as it was pouring rain outside and we were sitting in a warm and comfortable cafe on Mound with a tea and hot chocolate making plenty of fun sketches. All sorts of warming up drawing exercises - blind drawing, drawing with left hand, drawing with one continuous line, drawing with needle and thread.  Kate was just brilliant and I think I shouldn't believe that the last time she did some drawing was when she was eleven.
I am very pleased with my left handed watercolour. Apparently I finally found out a way to paint with watercolours - use the hand that I cannot control at all! Quite frustrating I must admit. 

Thursday, November 04, 2010

fish swing golf beer

on the way back from fife
Mada and John came over to visit us (in September I think, ages ago). A very quick sketch made in a pub and another one on the way back from Anstruther. It was a fantastic day out, good food - fish and chips, nice walk with spectacular views and my favourite swings in Pittenweem - you cannot expect more from life!