Tuesday, November 09, 2010

drawing trip

watercolour made with left hand
blue milk
We had a very pleasant drawing trip last Friday. It was not as much of a trip as it was pouring rain outside and we were sitting in a warm and comfortable cafe on Mound with a tea and hot chocolate making plenty of fun sketches. All sorts of warming up drawing exercises - blind drawing, drawing with left hand, drawing with one continuous line, drawing with needle and thread.  Kate was just brilliant and I think I shouldn't believe that the last time she did some drawing was when she was eleven.
I am very pleased with my left handed watercolour. Apparently I finally found out a way to paint with watercolours - use the hand that I cannot control at all! Quite frustrating I must admit. 


Anonymous said...

oh! very very lovely!!

holly said...

Hello kasia!
The owl I hear is doing very well thank you :) - I think my mummy would have liked to have kept him if she could... she thinks she's Dr. Dolittle.

I've no plans to come to Edinburgh at the moment, I'm working quite a lot and trying to save up some cash. But I will let you know when I do - maybe in the new year some time, and we can meet up.

My tattoo is still proving tricky haha! It's just a little heart on the palm of my finger. I got the tattoo bug again and am planning more x

tastykaeru said...

The watercolour is beautiful!!

kasia matyjaszek said...

Thank you!

Holly, good to hear Oscar the Owl is doing well. And don't get any more tatoos on your drawing finger, as I want to see new animals on your blog!