Sunday, November 14, 2010


I think I am tired. Everything I touch turns into dust and the things are generally going the opposite direction I would like them to. This is the sign I need to take a break from everything and go on holiday. I love travelling, being on the move, train, bus, plane, boat, this is when I come up with the best ideas and this is when I produce my best pictures (somewhere between the check-in and departure gate). So I decided no more drawing before I go on holiday. The hedgehog is my latest attempt. Not sure what this guy is thinking about...perhaps he is considering going for a trip too.


Mada said...

Kasia, I like the hedgehog very much. He indeed is quite deep in his thoughts. Do not worry about this transition moment before leaving for holidays. I miss you and am very happy to see you very soon. Have plenty to share with you. You also must give a review of my blog, as its first advocate;)
Kisses, Mada

kasia said...

thank you, mada! your blog is fantastic and i am very pround i am its godmother! see you soon! x

tastykaeru said...

I love this pensive little hedghog. Maybe he is wondering what his new meece friends will be like?

Kate x

Anonymous said...

don't hate me for saying so, but he is very adorable in his deep, contemplative thoughts. xx

kasia said...

thank you!
i hope he will not be dissapointed with the meece then:)
kc, i don't mind my charactes being adorable. i am sligtly concerned when they are cute. although i think this is something i already accepted as my attempts to draw something which is not cute were not particularly successful.