Thursday, November 05, 2015

Tablecloth design

Here are a few photos of a quite unusual commision I worked on earlier this year. Lupo&Olimp is a company selling coats for dachshunds and they commissioned me to create a tablecloth design that would feature fifteen dachshunds making an apple strudel. Every dachshund-chef included in the illustration was based on a real dog and got reference photos, names, characteristics and a back story for each of them. The main challenge was to show every dog and every stage of making an apple studel (which is a quite complicated process. I know that because I made it myself as part of my first hand research) and fit it all into one big scene.
The final design was later screenprinted onto a linen tablecloth. You can buy it here
It was probably the weirdest and in the same time the most fun commission to date. And definitely Lupo&Olimp is one of my favourite clients ever!

photo credit: Lupo&Olimp.