Thursday, November 05, 2015

Tablecloth design

Here are a few photos of a quite unusual commision I worked on earlier this year. Lupo&Olimp is a company selling coats for dachshunds and they commissioned me to create a tablecloth design that would feature fifteen dachshunds making an apple strudel. Every dachshund-chef included in the illustration was based on a real dog and got reference photos, names, characteristics and a back story for each of them. The main challenge was to show every dog and every stage of making an apple studel (which is a quite complicated process. I know that because I made it myself as part of my first hand research) and fit it all into one big scene.
The final design was later screenprinted onto a linen tablecloth. You can buy it here
It was probably the weirdest and in the same time the most fun commission to date. And definitely Lupo&Olimp is one of my favourite clients ever!

photo credit: Lupo&Olimp.
Here is the final design. The idea was to put the illustration in the middle of the tablecloth and surround it by an apple tree inspired ornament screenprinted in gold.

 And a little bit of a zoom in so you cna see the details.

And here are a few photos of the final product with Lupo and Olimp (dachshunds who are also featured in the design) enjoying a sunny day in the orchard.

photos: copyright Lupo&Olimp

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