Tuesday, August 31, 2010

postgraduate degree show 2010!

Here are some pictures form our show plus with very brief descriptions. Thank you all for coming along! And for all the nice comments left in our comments books.

Absolutely amazing work by Tyra.
Bold posters and installations by Tom.Beautiful and cosy space created by Holly.
Magnetic and very clever show created by Jammie.
Julia's amazing studio space was an integral part of her show.
Swasti kept the suspence till the last moment. She also made a wall play music!
Wonderful contemporary fairy tale by Helen. Amazing colour palette.
Rachel's space was minimal. Only at first glance though. Until you've checked-in.
Lindsey's show was slightly psychodelic. Fantastic bold drawings and crazy patterns.
My work was cute, as usual.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

a bird, a cat and an owl!

The show is already up, privite view tomorrow and life seems to be normal again with enough time to clean the flat, cook a dinner, go running in the morning and, most of all, meet people! Above are all the lovely gifts I got for my birthday! Never got so much cuteness and loveliness in one day.For some strange reasons people keep giving me all sorts of little creatures and I have to be taking care of them all. Thank you!!! And thank you for coming along!!! Now getting ready for the private view.
Haven't decided yet if I should go for red, grass green or lucky yellow tights.

Wystawa już skończona, obrazki na ścianach, książki na stojakach. Życie znów stało się normalniejsze, jest czas na posprzątanie mieszkania, ugotowanie obiadu, poranny dżoging, i co najważniejsze, na spotkania z ludźmi. Strasznie dużo wspaniałych prezentów urodzinowych i życzeń dostałam w tym roku! Dziękuję za wszystkie bardzo bardzo. Jak widac na obrazku, z jakichś tajemniczych powodów wszyscy przynoszą mi najróżniejsze urocze stworzenia, którymi ja się potem muszę opiekowac.
Teraz leniwe przygotowania do jutrzejszego wernisażu. Wciąż nie wiem, które z mojej kolekcji kolorowych rajstop powinnam założyc - czerwone, trawiaste zielone, czy szczęśliwe żółte...

Friday, August 06, 2010

The Fringe Stall and Degree Show

I admit this blog has not been properly looked after recently. This is because I am working slightly too hard to get everything done for the Degree Show. To make things a bit more complicated I am selling my work at the Fringe Market. Below are the details of both events.

Postgraduate Degree Show 2010
21-29 August 2010
Mon-Thu 10am-6pm
Fri-Sun 10am-5pm
Edinburgh College of Art
We'll be at the forth floor of Evolution House (entrance from West Port). Come! Come! Come!

ECA Graduates at the Fringe
Saturday 6 August to Friday 13 August
11am - 8.45pm
We are at The Royal Mile in the Market right next to St Giles Cathedral. Come, see and buy! On show are handmade prints, limited edition digital prints, cards, handmade books, hand-painted ceramics and other beautiful exciting stuff.