Thursday, March 05, 2015

clairvoyants competition

Good news!!! My artwork have been shortlisted in the international competition for the picture book project Clairvoyants 2014. The competition was organised by a Polish publishing house Dwie Siostry and the winners and shortlisted artwork will be exhibited in Warsaw and Krakow soon.
As you can see Ada and her dragon friend are very happy to be included on the list of finalists. And I am as excited as they are. This was first time I wrote a picture book script in Polish, my first language, and I very much enjoyed being able to play with the words that way I cannot really when I write in English (even though the text has only two words per page - my new record!).

Ada rides a skateboard, builds constructions, searches for a hidden treasure and rules her own kingdom. She is an active and creative girl, sometimes a little bit naughty. The book is all about the empowerment, being able to create your own world, do whatever you want and be accepted for who you are (no matter what is your gender, age, race, nationality) . I guess I feel very strongly about the message it gives and this is why I am super excited about the shortlist.

For the results and to see the winning entries click here.

Congratulations to the winners, honorary mentions and other finalists!