Wednesday, December 19, 2012


I know we are a minority but both Benjamin and I hate the snow.

Also, click here if you want to read an interview with me and see a picture which was giving me nightmares when I was a child. Lovely Jess from Alice in Baker Street invited me over for a chat about sketching, illustrating and inspiration. Thank you Jess!

Mongolian sketchbook

It took me ages to scan and post these sketches but here they are. Sketchbook from our trip to Mongolia earlier this year. I decided to go for a horizontal journal this time, which was fun to sketch in but it is not so good for blogging so you might want to see the whole album on my flickr.

Our trip started in Istanbul - my favourite city ever. Istanbul belongs to cats!
mongolia 01
Then, after an 8 hours flight we landed in Ulanbaatar, capital of Mongolia. Ulanbaatar turned out to be less exotic than I expected (with all the rather familiar Soviet architecture and urban design). However there was a beautiful buddist monastery, totally unfamiliar. Inside:
mongolia 02
And outside:
mongolia 03
After a few day in the capital we went to the horseriding camp.
mongolia 04
We spend a week in this beautiful place (no electricity, no running water, no internet) Amazing landscape and 30+ horses to ride.
mongolia 05

mongolia 06
Half way though our stay at the horseriding camp we were taken for a trip to the Terelj national park. Here are some sketches made on our absolutely packed minivan. The roads in Mongolia are not roads really (at least not in this part of the country) so the sketches are rather shaky.
mongolia 07
Some very sad animals we met on the way and the ger we stayed in for the night. There was a mouse staying with us two.
mongolia 08
And horses!
mongolia 09
Lots of horses!
mongolia 10
Even more.
mongolia 11
After a week spent in the camp we came back to UB (took the longest shower ever) and set out for Kharakhorum. Some sketches from the long bus trip there:
mongolia 12
And our very cosy ger in Kharakhorum.
mongolia 13
There is an amazing monastery and Kharakhorum and ruins of an ancient city. I loved the wall paintings:
mongolia 14
Erdene Zuu monastery and a spontaneous lesson of Hebrew alphabet.
mongolia 15

Here is us chilling out in a lovely hostel in Tsetserleg. They had flat white coffee, English breakfast and stuff - at this point of our trip I would pay any price for something which is not a mutton stew with noodles.
mongolia 16
At the centre of divine enlightment in Tsetserleg. There was a huge statue of Budda and people were going round and throwing all sorts of food as a religious offering. And the pigeons were going in circles too...
mongolia 17
Oh, I forgot to mention that I received some very good news when I got an internet access in one of the hostels we stayed in - I had been selected to take part in the Picture Hooks mentoring programme. It made me very happy!
mongolia 18
We stayed for a few days with a nomad (his name was Bogi)  in his ger, sourrounded by huge and spectacular landscape and herds of yaks and horses. Nothing more really. With the only facility being a nearby stream (not very clean as it was also used by the yaks). I think these few days there were the most extreme of our Mongolian experiences.
mongolia 19
Bogi making fire in the morning.
mongolia 20
Yaks are cute and silly.
mongolia 21
The horses we were riding:
mongolia 22
And one of the most surreal moments during our trip. We are having breakfast (a snickers + some coke) outside our ger while our host is killing a bull.
mongolia 23
3 weeks in Mongolia were quite exhausting.  This is all I was dreaming about while on the flight back to Europe:
mongolia 24
I am afraid it is never going to happen though...

Thursday, December 13, 2012

if: explore

A little sneak peak of an illustration I am working on at the moment. Work in progress really but it goes well with this week's Illustration Friday topic.