Friday, February 11, 2011

a very engaging book

Another quick sketch from ages ago.
I have been busy furnishing flat for cat and dog recently, which is rather fun. I've got four double spreads to finish the dummy book and start producing final artwork. It is a little bit of a challenge as I try to be as playful as possible with colours, textures and techniques. A completely new area of exploration...
Yesterday I spent a very productive morning in my favourite continental cafe in stockbridge (they have very good cafe au lait and there is a marzipan soap in the bathroom!). I was teaching a dog to play golf. He was doing very well. Especially that I have no idea how to play golf.

The good news is that the spring is coming!!!


tastykaeru said...

Hooray for snowdrops!

holly said...

Oh kasia! hello! I did have two chameleons, now the lady has died we are left with just Jonty the man chameleon. I think he misses his chameleon lover & is feeling a bit lonely.
How is your book coming along? I need to get going with my etsy shop but it seems like so much work :o !! x