Friday, February 04, 2011


A sketch I made ages ago and I've never finished it. For some reasons I am too scared to put the colour on. Anyhow, Haymarket station, 6am on a weekday. My favourite destination.

I finally finished Bear the Photographer and he is now available in my Etsy shop. Unfortunately, the cutest camera in the world the bear is taking pictures with has been sold.


Amelia said...

Rozumiem, że all rights reserved, ale i tak ustawiłam sobie na pulpicie. Lubię czarno-białe.

Amelia said...

Szybka jestem, niee? ;-) Baardzo ładny!

tastykaeru said...

Beautiful! (and I am LOVING the photographer-bear print :D )

Kate x

Hannah Rye said...

Have you tried colouring it on photoshop Kasia so you don't have to commit yourself??!!

kasia said...

Ameliu, rzeczywiście szybka byłaś:) Fajnie, że Ci się podoba.

Thank you Kate! Happy you like the bear print.

Hannah, yes, I have. I even photocopied it onto watercolour paper and tried different options. not very happy with the result though.
k x