Friday, February 18, 2011

magic pencil

I love pencils. I collect them. Every time I travel somewhere and visit a museum or a gallery I go to the gift shop and buy the cheapest and most basic pencil souvenir (or I ask friend to bring me some if they go somewhere exciting). I am always very disappointed if a museum does not have pencils or if they sell them for 5 euro each (like in Hagia Sophia in Istambul). And then when I draw with them I think about places I visited and people I met and I am more than sure that it affects my drawings. So I would pick up the edinburgh book festival pencil to draw my picture books, cartoon museum one if I want my drawing to be more comic style etc. I even have one with a citation from Tracy Emin but I have never used it. I am going to save it until I am fed up with my cute animals and I want to draw something very ugly.

Spent all day drawing killer plants and really enjoyed it!


Anonymous said...

what a lovely idea!! i also notice that the ikea pencil has been casted out. hmmmm. and that cat is back!! how cool is that?

Amelia said...

I like them too!