Monday, December 20, 2010

good news

You can now find my work in another two galleries in Edinburgh! Technicolour (2 Bruntsfield Place), which is a fantastic new boutique with art, fashion and design run by Jenny, Joanne and Magda. Check it out -  there is plenty of beautiful stuff in there!
Another place is a pop-up shop - Take Out, Ooud Kitchen at Bruntsfield Place opened by Craft House Concept and REALISE. Rush, rush as it is only open till the end of December! 

The good news is that I finally managed to open my Etsy shop (to be precise, I got bribed. I only did it because Kate offered to cook cullen skink soup for us. The soup was fantastic and got eaten but the shop is still there. The effect was rather spactacular because I sold everything I'd listed there in first few hours of opening!). So now it's time to invest in my very own epson printer...

The cat above was born when I was waiting to be picked up from the airport after my flight got cancelled. For some reasons I really like this guy.


holly said...

kasia! great news about the galleries - well done, can't wait to visit the galleries when i next pop up to edinburgh (which should be soon i think!).

i'm sorry and feel like such a terrible person... i didn't even thank you for the birthday card and mr meow as i've called him. so thank you ! i don't know what i was thinking, put it down to the snow.

hope you're well and rested.

happy christmas to you!

tastykaeru said...

Congratulations and hooray for magic soup!
Kate x

kasia said...

holly! happy you liked mr meow! glad to hear you are coming to edinburgh. cannot wait to see you and catch up with the news.

hurray for the magic soup, Kate!