Tuesday, September 06, 2011


what next
It looks like I don't need to draw horses anymore! All the illustrations are finished and submitted to the publisher and the book will be published in July 2012. I hope you'll like it. It has been a busy summer but fortunately in Edinburgh we don't get anyhing like summer at all so there is nothing to complain about.  It was a fantastic experience to illustrate something which is completely different to what I usually work on. I learned a few things:
1. I can draw horses ( a big surprise).
2. I can draw human characters (even a bigger surprise).
3. Digital colouring is actually fun.
4. I love my tablet.
And now I feel like moving on to other projects featuring smaller animals - mice, shrews, bats, squirrels, weasels. Hooray for rodentia! The only problem is that I don't feel like drawing at all and I might need to take a week or two off with my sketchbook and pencils hidden at the bottom of a deepest drawer.

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