Sunday, July 28, 2013


A few sketches from our recent trip to Georgia. It was my second trip to Georgia and I must say that Georgia is still my absolutely favourite country.

Konrad reading Milan Kundera, waiting for a flight in Istanbul.

2013-06-27 ataturk airport-s
Some sketches from Tbilisi.
2013-06-28 tbilisi-s
2013-06-29 tbilisi museum-s
Random stuff really.
2013-06-29 tbilisi-park-s
Travelling on a marshrutka (minibus). It takes a while to get used to crazy suicidal driving but it is an experience not to be missed while in Georgia. This one was from Tbilisi to Signagi.
2013-06-30 tbilisi-signagi-s
Signagi is a pretty town set on a hill with some spectacular views to the Caucasus mountains.
2013-06-30 signagi-s
2013-06-30 signagi-st george-s
At Bodbe convent near Signagi.
2013-07-01 bodbe convent 01-s
St Nino's Holy Spring.
2013-07-01 bodbe convent 02-s 
More Signagi.
2013-07-02 signagi2-s
2013-07-02 signagi-s
Ok this is rather random. I have no idea where this bird comes from.
2013-07-03 signagi-s
On the marshrutka to Tsnori. Have I mentioned that each marshrutka we took had a suggestive crack in the windscreen?
2013-07-03 signagi-tsnori-s
Waiting for a marshrutka to Telavi.
2013-07-03 tsnori-s
Chilling out on a hammock in Telavi.
2013-07-03 telavi-s
On the market in Telavi.
2013-07-04 telavi bazar-s
 Tusheti is a remote region in the Caucasus (close to the border with Dagestan and Chechenya). Getting there was quite an experience (a 4 hours drive through a mountaing pass, mostly looking down the cliff and thinking about the trajectory of a falling 4WD while the drivier is happily listening to The Best of Boney M...). 
2013-07-04 omalo-s
Zemo Omalo with amazing medival architecture. I was also trying to learn the Georgian alphabet.
2013-07-04 zemo omalo-s
We went horseriding!
2013-07-05 horseriding in tusheti-s
More sketches from Keselo Hotel in Omalo, a lovely guesthouse we were staying in.
2013-07-07 kselo garden-s

2013-07-07 kselo mountains-s

Back to Telavi.
2013-07-08 telavi-s
On a marshrutka to Borjomi. This one was actually really fun. There was a priest with us, he started a prayer at the beginning of the journey and the whole marshrutka was praying. It actually made me feel better about the whole journey as the driver was particularly crazy. There should be a priest on every minibus in Georgia. Just in case.
2013-07-10 borjomi-s
We spent last few days of our Georgian holidays in resort town Borjomi. Again, I am not sure what's with this bird.
2013-07-11 borjomi-spa-s
 Drinking salty mineral waters, swimming, chilling out, doing normal holiday stuff.
2013-07-11 borjomi-pool-s

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