Wednesday, March 02, 2011

sketching trips

frederick street
Sketches from our recent drawing trips when I was being very lazy. With the second one I was feeling like making a sketch and then destroying it by adding more and more black until it dissapears. Fortunately, we had to leave before the sketch dissapeared. I think I will have to do some collage and photoshopping now.

My dummy book is progressing and it looks like I will be able to finish it before Bologna. I got most of images scanned and now I will need to make friends with photoshop again.


holly said...

Kasia!! Where did that chameleon come from!? He looks like a lot of fun!

Glad to hear your book is coming along... I would love to know what it's about.... sounds like it might be an exciting adventure.

Hope all is well in Edinburgh. My etsy is up and running but i find the whole dollars thing very confusing. Why can't it be in pounds!? :( x

tastykaeru said...

Love those freehand cobbles :D