Saturday, October 17, 2009

friday morning cappucino to go

friday morning cappucino to go
A lot has changed recently. No more monday morning macchiato in. Actually I have become a big fan of take-away culture and learnt how to eat when walking and still have some pleasure form that. A few years ago I was terrified when I saw people having their coffee in a plastic cup on the way to the office and now I have most of my meals when walking from work to school or from school to work. I think this is britishness getting under my skin. It's amazing how the culture you live in influences you, sometimes against your will. It won't be long until I wake up in the morning with a labrador by my bed and a landrover in front of my house!

The good point is - I finally have my own studio! My own little space where I can work and spread my foxes all around and I don't have to tidy them up before dinner.
The fox at the photo is my first ever screenprint.

po polsku wersja nastąpi. tylko właśnie muszę biec do pracy sprzedawac sobotnią kawę na wynos!

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