Saturday, June 19, 2010

delayed sketches from trip to poland and london

flying back and forth
capuccino back home
tate modern
wait in lounge
in front of train station
1. Flight with our 'favourite' airlines from Edinburgh to Kraków and waiting in launge in Katowice Airport before the flight to London.
2. Capuccino in a cafe in Kraków. From all cafes in Kraków we choose te one that was plenty of English speaking people!
3. In front of Tate modern in London and a quick sketch of a guy who fell asleep just in front of me on the train to London Luton. The other one in the background was watching me sketching. One of these situations when you cannot pretend you do not sketch the guy in front of you but a very exciting element of a seat just beside him.
4.Wait in launge, London Luton.
5. Chilling out in Toruń.
6. In front of train station in Iława Główna. One of these places that make me think I want to move back to Poland now.

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