Tuesday, January 25, 2011

ages ago

I found some sketches in my moleskine that I've never posted for some reasons.
Our friend Amelia during one of our very long board game sessions. I know that Amelia is a regular visitor to this blog but she never leaves any trace. Perhaps she will leave a comment this time...
settlers with amelia
A beautiful, dark and rainy Monday morning in a coffee shop...
a rainy day
Our friend Basia one day before she left Edinburgh.
One of the very rare occasions, when there was no traffic on Lothian Road and I could stand there and make a sketch. A peculiar event to watch too.  .  
benedict xvi
A couple I saw in a coffee shop and absolutely loved the way they looked. 
beautiful people
I feel like making more sketches of people again.


Airpl said...

Perhaps she will... ;-)
Did I tell you that I get my own Settlers as a birthday present in November? But I didn't play even one game till now. Both of you are nessesery! Hugs.

Airpl said...

I do not have my account on google... Amelia :)

Anonymous said...

they are all quite wonderful! (though i am jealous you witnessed lothian road devoid of traffic BUT you got to draw on it as well!!)

kasia said...

Ameliu! I knew you would leave a comment! I knew it! Happy to hear you got your own Settlers. Hope you will get round to play a few games before we next meet! x

Thank you Casey. I don't know if the pope is coming back to Edinburgh in the near future but I will let you know if anything like that happens and we can have a nice sketching session together! x