Thursday, January 06, 2011

winter holiday

It has been very pleasant and productive Christmas break. We managed to go for a little trip to Highlands before the New Year and enjoy fantastic Scottish landscapes and ... breakfasts. And then back to my studio work. I am working on a several projects at the moment, which is good as I don't get bored and can jump from one to another. The bad thing is that getting to the final result takes more time. Anyway, I have been busy drawing dogs, cats, pigeons and bears, designing interiors for my new book (I must admit it is far more enjoyable to do interior design for animals then for people - they have better taste and you don't need to worry about budget!). I also spent considerable amount of time researching patterns, colour palettes and textures. This is part of my illustration work that I struggle the most with - so many possibilities! I am also playing around with the new techniques, which is exciting but sometimes gets very frustrating.
Otherwise, my etsy shop did really well and now I have to make more prints. Reinforcements in a form of an Epson printer and inkjet watercolour paper are supposed to arrive today! Scary...


holly said...

kasia! what exciting news! I too am awaiting a little delivery of some bockingford... which printer have you ordered? Mine arrived about 3 weeks ago - prints like a dream but has the same paper jamming/loading paper issues as the college printer. My patience is wearing thin already! I got the R1900
Are you still working at the architects place? When are you finding time to fit in all your studio work!? I'm struggling and I don't even have a full time job... only 3 days!

I am eagerly awaiting your visit, sadly i don't think you'll meet monsieur. He's well and truly on his last legs.

Where about did you stay in the highlands? my mum and I want to go on a little scottish adventure and your photos look beautiful.

kasia said...

holly, we stayed in inverness in a fantastic bb with the best scottish fried breakfast i've ever had:) and the photos are from loch ness but I think there are other less touristic and even more beautiful places you can go to.

Catalina Somolinos said...

so wonderful pics!!