Friday, January 21, 2011

tiny mice

tiny mice
I almost lost eyesight yesterday when drawing these guys. For some reasons I decided to draw them very tiny, in 1:10 scale and mice are already very small animals so it was not the wisest thing to do. It was early in the morning and still dark in the coffee shop I went to which didn't help. Oh well, next time I will remember to draw things in some reasonable scale and then scale them down in photoshop .
Otherwise, I spent half of last weekend decorating the house where my new characters are supposed to live. They are moving in soon. I have been busy designing and drawing wallpapers and now all I need to do is to stick them to the walls.


holly said...

jazzy! I had to zoom in on my computer but it made blurry mice.
The pattern was not a napkin no - but actually done on fabric which made a nice surface.

Hope you and your epson are becoming firm friends... ready to throw mine out the window! x

Anonymous said...

omg. so ridiculously adorable!!

kasia said...

Happy you like them:)

My epson is doing well. Wouldn't go through the window that easy though - it is too large...luckily!